Friday, April 20, 2012

Cover Edits

Thank you guys for your honest critique on the front cover - it's never fun to get a bunch of negative reactions first thing but I'd much rather hear it before the book goes to print. I'll be keeping the same basic layout but am reworking it this weekend with another artist's help and am taking in everyone's feedback.

Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday next week I'll have something to show everyone!


  1. good for you, its never nice taking criticism but the book is going to be wonderful :D

  2. it's true that you can never appeal and please everyone, but fair critique is always good to receive. :)Imagine sending the first edition to print without having had it revised at all. So, now that you've gotten some opinions, I think you'll make it even better!
    I'm really looking forward to the book and the second take on the cover, I'm sure it's going to be just awesome.

  3. We're rooting for you and the project! Can't wait to see the next cover version.