Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Comment with any questions you have on this post, I will be adding them to the FAQ as the project moves along.
1. Do the artists have to be members on EGL?
I am not requiring the artists be members of EGL. I just assumed most of them would be since this was my inspiration for the book.

2. How will the book be paid for?
Lulu is a print on demand service, which means you only pay for the copies you order. For more information regarding finances, see the call to artists post.

3. Will my artwork be judged and reviewed?
There is no juried process for this book, I would like to include everybody who applies. That being said, I do reserve the right to exclude artwork that is unfinished, such as pencil doodles on lined paper.

4. What medium are you accepting?
2D only - this is intended as an illustration project. Paintings, drawings, screenprints, etc are all ok. Please ask if you're not sure about your piece before starting.

5. Is only artwork featuring a human person dressed in lolita acceptable?
Although that was my original intent, your piece does not have to have a human in it. It should, though, have some sort of character in it. Landscapes can be beautiful, but the point of this book is to demonstrate the fashion, which needs to be worn by some sort of character. If your piece does not have a human in it, (a skeleton dressed in gothic, perhaps?) please make sure it falls CLEARLY into one of the categories mentioned on the cta post.

6. Do I have to use a certain program to develop my artwork?
No, you can use whatever program or 2D media you choose. The final image that you send to me must be a 300 dpi JPG, though.

7. If my piece has no background does it need a border?
No, please do not add a border to your artwork if it is character only, like this example.

8. How will my work be labeled/credited?
The back of the book will have a visual table of contents listing the page #'s and the corresponding artist's name, email, website and if desired, photo. I prefer not to put any text over the top of work for I feel it detracts from the piece as a whole.

9. Should I label my own artwork?
No, do not put any text over the top of your work that is not part of the piece itself. You will send this information in an email to me along with your work.

10. Should I send the template along with my artwork?
No, just send me the flat JPG of your final piece(s).

11. Which template should I be using?
2nd from bottom, 8.5x11 US Letter template

12. Trim? Live area? What does all this mean?
If you've never used a print layout template before, it can appear a little confusing at first. "Live area" is the absolute minimum space your artwork needs to cover. "Trim area" is where the pages will be physically cut by the printer. Due to slight variances in printing machines, the trim area will vary small amounts, so that's why there is some padding along the edges of the template. (called the "safety margin")

"Document size" is the full book size, before it is cut by the printer, so after it is trimmed the book should be exactly 8.5x11. When I say make your artwork "full bleed" if it has a background, that means it should go to the very edge of the template, so your piece will actually measure 8.625x11.25. But keep in mind that "trim area" will be cut away in the final printing so be sure not to place anything critical on the edges.

13.Can we use prints or dress styles that brands have come out with in our work? (eg, Alice and the Pirate's "Black Cat, Witch, Apple Tree" pattern)
There is no problem with you redrawing a pattern on your own, but if I see artwork with copied and pasted brand prints in it, it will not be printed in the book. (what I mean is, don't go to Google, take an image like this, and then paste it into your art) There will be a disclaimer in the book so credit will be given to all brand designs used.

14. Is there a maximum # of pieces I can submit?
Yes-the maximum # of pieces per artist is 5.

15. Can I draw a comic for the book?
While I realize it's still 2D art, the focus of this book is pinup illustrations so please stick to that theme.

16. Can I submit a 2 page spread?
Absolutely! Again, make sure it can fall under one of the themes. (sweet, classic, etc)

17. Is fanart allowed?
Yes-as long as it's obviously lolita fanart is no problem.

18. Can we draw a group piece with mixed styles?

19. Are monochrome (or semi-monochrome) pictures allowed?


  1. hello!! this is princess yi, i recently commented on the call to artists c:

    i want to know, is only artwork that features a human person dressed in lolita acceptable? or are clearly lolita-themed drawings okay? i had wanted to draw a pony character with distinctly lolita hair and accessories and in space with lolita motifs.

    i also wonder, though i very much want to contribute, is any art program acceptable to use to produce images? i have no proper art software. i use mspaint. my drawings i believe are of sufficiently high quality but is there some aspect to superior art programs that necessitate their use for this project?

    thank you very much <33

  2. Oh! Thank you for answering my questions! ^_^;
    That definitely cleared everything up.

    >:3 ♥

  3. hi! my name is PEACH PROJECT! and i'm just wondering if you're planning on doing another lolita artbook anytime because i would love to participate in that one!

    1. Hi Peach Project - honestly I don't have another one planned anytime soon but its certainly in the back of my mind as a possibility.