Thursday, January 19, 2012

We are a GO!

I just wanted to say I am FLOORED by the response this project has gotten, in one day 17 people signed up and when I logged in this morning 32 are signed up! This means the book is a definite go! Soon I'll make another post with the artwork deadline.

Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm!


  1. Hi! I don't have a blogspot account so I am not too familiar with it, and I didn't find the comment box on the Call to Artist entry so I'm posting my infos here? sorry!

    name: Mochi
    category&etc.: 1 or 2 pieces in sweet lolita!

    I'm really excited about this! woah!

    1. Mochi I'm going to move your comment to the CTA so I can keep them all in one place.