Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to "LOLITA: the artwork!"

Hello & welcome to the home of "LOLITA: the artwork."

What it is: "LOLITA: the artwork" is intended to be a full color art book showcasing EGL's worldwide artistic talent.

Why: I've seen multiple incredibly talented illustrators on EGL and have been wanting to make this book a reality for several months now. It is meant to give EGL artists a chance to showcase their art in a professionally printed medium and at the same time have a solid piece to add to their portfolio.

Where: The book will be printed using Lulu and when completed will be available for sale through their website.

When: Please look for the call to artists post within the next couple of days, all the submissions details will be available then.

Who: A little bit about me, your publisher/project coordinator! I live in Oregon and make my living as an illustrator/designer for a children's education company, but animation and worldwide fashion are what I love. I've headed up a horror-themed art book before, titled "Midnight Phantasmagory," so I  have previous experience in compiling and designing books like this. I've been a member of EGL for years, and Juliette et Justine is by far my favorite brand. If you'd like to know more about me, my personal art blog is here: RainyIsle

If you have any questions please feel free to post them below, and spread the word!


  1. Whats the date for illustration submissions, I'm assuming you want a resolution of 300 so it'll look best in print. What is the maximum size for an image, whats the minimum? Where will the book be sold, conventions, online, bookstores? Will it be sold at all. If someone does one large illustration what cut of profits will they get?

    Sorry for all the questions.

  2. All good questions! Those will all be answered when the call to artists goes up-right now I'm just trying to drum up awareness so please check back in a day or two.

  3. This sounds really fun! My local community college uses Lulu for their self publishing so I'm already sort of familiar with them. I'll be sure to sign up when the call goes out! You should definitely make it available in hardcover if they have that option now :)

  4. They do! The previous book I did was a softcover, and while the paper is very high-quality I would like to have something a bit more durable this time around.

  5. It is a really interesting idea! I'll wait for more informations. Good luck for the project!

  6. Looking forward to hearing more information!

  7. Hey!
    I was wondering if I would, say, draw Classic and Sweet Lolita on one picture, in which category would I have to categorize it?

  8. Name: Carol Louise Jones