Friday, February 17, 2012

Deadline Update - 3/23

I'm getting a lot of comments and emails from people saying they need more time, so no worries everyone, the deadline will be extended by another month.

The new deadline for artwork will be 3/23/2012.

There was also some confusion as to whether people got accepted or not. If you signed up on the call to artists post, you were automatically accepted into the book. Like it says in the FAQ, there is no juried process for the art book, I would like to be able to accept everyone who applied.

And please, please, please follow the blog! I will try to remember to send out a group email each time I make a new post, but this is where you'll find all the updates/deadlines/information.

Thanks guys, let me know if you have more questions/concerns!  :)


  1. ahhh, does this mean I can submit more artwork?

    1. Hi Val - yes! But please no more than 5 pieces total per artist.

    2. I *might* get only one more done :) but I cant promise anything

  2. Great!

    I was originally submiting one piece, but now I think I will be able to make one more n.n

  3. thank you! I wasn't able to finish my artworks in time due to some exams and now I am ^^

  4. Awesome-tastic~~ The previous deadline apparently fell at the same time as Midterms Week, and the new deadline is the week after Spring Break~!! :D

  5. This is really exciting! ^o^
    I just learned about this today and would really love to participate!